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The Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI)

The ACMA developed the Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI) to help address the problem of compromised computers (sometimes referred to as 'zombies', 'bots', or 'drones'). Computers can become compromised through the surreptitious installation of malicious software (malware) that enables the computer to be controlled remotely for illegal and harmful activities without the computer user's knowledge.

Compromised computers are often aggregated into large groups known as 'botnets'. Among other things, botnets are used to assist the mass distribution of spam and malware, the hosting of 'phishing' sites and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on websites.

The AISI collects data from various sources on computers exhibiting 'bot' behaviour on the Australian internet. Using this data, the ACMA provides daily reports to internet service providers (ISPs) identifying IP addresses on their networks that have generally been supplied to the ACMA in the previous 24-hour period. ISPs can then inform the customer associated with that IP address that the customer's computer appears to be compromised by malware and provide advice on how they can fix it.